Retaining school leadership and teachers

A school might be constructed with bricks and cement, but nothing lays a stronger foundation than the leadership and faculty of the school. .

Work Work is often the chosen family we all have and every occupation has its own rewards and challenges that we face in our day to day lives. Any employee resorts to the fight or flight mode when the challenges seem to be overpowering the rewards.

Teaching Teaching as a profession is considered to be worthy, virtuous and a rather exalted one. However, it has its own set of challenges too. In a school educationists aim at creating lives and empower students in a journey of 13 years to be ready for the next indefinite ones. A continuity of staff and presence of loyalists is the crown every school must aim for. From parents to students, having familiar faces around, creates stronger bonds and speaks for the school in many positive ways. While every management wants to keep their staff happy, satisfied and motivated, there are still instances when resignations are heart wrenching, leadership starts to shake and unhappiness paints the faces of several employees.

The management can act upon reducing such instances and make efforts to create a contented working environment ;


Beyond the payslips and bonuses, lies a world full of gratitude, praiseworthy notes and appreciations. As teachers, one is used to the idea of getting rewarded emotionally, be it a card or flowers by a student, teary ‘thank you’ conversations with parents or even ‘miss you’ notes by ex students. Teachers measure promotions and rewards emotionally also, and expect a pat on their backs once in a while.

Despite giving the right pay band or increment, teachers can often be down in the doldrums if they are appreciated in the right manner for their deserving work.


Aided with appreciation, a rightful pay package which is competitive and justifies the deliverable of the staff is a very fundamental aspect in retaining the staff. A low paid and good performing staff is always on a lookout for something better. No matter how much they are applauded, if they are underpaid they will leave the next moment they find a school which respects their calibre. good performing staff is always on a lookout for something better. No matter how much they are applauded, if they are underpaid they will leave the next moment they find a school which respects their calibre.


A judicious period allocation is of paramount importance in any school. Teachers tend to under-perform, absent themselves or quit with no notice in situations when they are overworked.

Every guiding curriculum framework suggests the teaching periods and staffing guidelines which need to be adhered to at all times.

These circumstances arise when a school lacks the no. of employees that they actually need and under hire. The load on existing teachers increases and creates an atmosphere of dissatisfaction.


Unlike corporates, teachers seldom get to step out of the school which can make their work life monotonous and mundane. Quarterly events to keep the staff motivated and energetic is a good way of breaking the normal routine.

Managements could plan lunch outings, weekend stay over at some nearby destinations or even family days to bring in the fun element.


Teaching as a profession hardly has elongated breaks where staff can interact with peers over lunch or strolls. Mostly in schools the HR is not a very active department in terms of gaining employee insights. As a result teachers and other staff are often unheard.

It could be an issue at home or workplace but having someone to share relieves some substantial amount of stress. Management teams must look up their staff every now and then for their well-being and provide an outlet for the staff member to vent out or seek a solution if possible.


There are some staff members in every organisation that possess more than what it just required. Once identified, these employees have the capacity to turn around the way things proceed and direct them into the positive manner. If unidentified, the talent they possess goes in vain making them feel underutilised. This results in the attrition of good staff.

Management must be on a look out for these star performers who are ready to go that extra mile and can be entrusted with greater responsibilities and roles.

All in all a healthy working environment leads to increased credibility and high retention of staff.

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