Project Planning

  Vision, mission and goal setting for the school

  Market research- demographic survey to establish school positioning, competition, fee structure, target segment and the student ramp-up plan

  Business planning and budgeting

  Execution planning

Advice on school infrastructure setup

  Classroom setup

  Outdoor play areas and sports facilities

  Learning Spaces

  Labs (science, language and knowledge centres)


  ICT & ERP (Educational technology integration with infra)

  Guidelines for furniture, teaching aids and equipment along with vendor details

  Ensuring infra as per guidelines laid down by statutory bodies and affiliating examination boards

Statutory requirement and regulations

  School registration process with the state education department

  The process of CBSE affiliation

  Safety norms and regular audits

  School administration guidelines and policies

  Pay scale regulations

  RTE & RTI guidelines

People Planning

  Designing the recruitment process

  Selection of Head of School and teachers

  Team induction

  On-going training programs and professional development activities

  Devising assessment process for teachers, classroom observation and appraisals

Curriculum and learning management

  Implementation of the curriculum and teaching methodology

  Selection of teaching material, student textbooks, workbooks

  Establishing feedback system for each stakeholder for the wholesome implementation of the curriculum with desired learning outcomes

  Conducting a regular workshops for teachers for an effective implementation of the curriculum with value addition materials

School promotion activities

  Creation of the school identity

  Develop marketing and branding guidelines

  Design and development of marketing collaterals

  Develop the local promotion activity plan for the student mobilisation

  Website creation and social media communication

  Designing PR activities

  Designing marketing material (Print and digital)

  Pre-launch activities

Non-Academic Process

  Admission process guidelines

  Fee guidelines

  Accounting and finance guidelines

  Procurement guidelines

  Health, hygiene, discipline, and inclusion guidelines

  Transport guidelines

  IT and communication policy

  Design of school collaterals (Diaries, handbooks, registers and other stationary)

  Parent interaction and feedback guidelines

  Guidelines for conducting school events (i.e. sports day, annual day, interschool participations, cultural festivals, international events, scholastic events, skill development activities, etc.)